Vegetarier sind Mörder

are Murderers


It would be too absurd to calculate how long a child must suffer for the production of one film of child pornography. However in the mistreatment of cattle and chickens by non-vegans there appears to be such a grotesque calculation applied, where the suffering and death with the supposedly low-impact of "occasional" consumption is brushed aside. (In any case, the real answer in both cases is: "a lifetime.")

A chicken suffers for
1 eggone day (28–34 hours)in battery rearing environments, hens lay 310 eggs per year, in "alternative rearing environments", (e.g. free range, organic, etc.) this is reduced to up to 260, therefore, for one egg a hen will suffer 365/310×24=28 hours or 365/260×24=34 hours, depending on the rearing environment
1 cookie one houron the basis of one egg per two dozen cookies
1 portion of egg noodlesone dayon the basis of one egg per 100 g portion (the egg content of noodles varies considerably)
1 slice of cake8 hourson the basis of 4 eggs per cake of 12 slices

A cow suffers for
1 litre of milkone hour (53 minutes to 1h28)on the basis of 8,760 litres per year, per cow (through intensive breeding the milk production is around 6-10,000 litres per year)
1 kg of cheesehalf a day10-12 litres of milk are used in production
1 pound (1/2kg) of butterhalf a day25 litres of raw milk are used in the production of a kilogram of butter (not including skimmed and butter milk)
1 slice of bread and butterquarter of an hourbread spread with 10 g of butter (not including the generally non-vegan ingredients of the bread itself)
1 cheese sandwichhalf an hourusing 25 g cheese and spread with 10 g butter
1 pizza margheritatwo to two and a half hoursusing 200 g cheese
1 slice of cakehalf an hour
on the basis of 250g butter per cake of 12 slices

The results have been rounded to ease memorisation. In the case of processed products (pizza, cake etc.), standard recipes have been used, and the actual amounts may vary according to the individual recipe.

Vegetarians are Murderers