Vegetarier sind Mörder

are Murderers

Over their dead bodies

Mind, the matter here is not about the fact that a large number of "vegetarians" are in fact pseudo-vegetarians. Nor is it about the non-alimentary aspects – i.e. those not relating to nutrition (there are certainly vegetarians who avoid leather, for example). And those that are so speciesist as to mistreat and kill cattle and chickens for their food, of course care even less about what happens to bees in order to obtain their honey (more on this can be found under "Bee vomit – facts about honey, wax, and other bee products", This text therefore deals exclusively with the deadly consequences of egg and milk consumption.

The excuses that the vegetarians try to use to justify themselves when confronted, exceptionally, with the consequences of their actions, are as unacceptable as they are diverse. These excuses are also used alarmingly often by vegans, to cover for vegetarians. Many of these are similar to those used by corpse-eaters. Some are listed here:

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