Vegetarier sind Mörder

are Murderers


"A murderer is someone who kills another human being out of desire to kill, to satisfy their sexual instinct, greed or other base motives, treacherously or cruelly or with means of common danger, or to conceal another crime." (German Penal Code, Section 211, par. 2)

This is true, except the limitation on humans, with which this speciesist legislation hereby discriminates against non-human animals, clearly for butchers, hunters, etc. On account of this formulation, statements such as "meat is murder" or, as it says here, "vegetarians are murderers" are legally incorrect, but it is obvious that no murder is suggested in the legal sense, so these statements are applicable, just like Tucholsky's "Soldiers are murderers".
May 31, 2010; July 19, 2010