Vegetarier sind Mörder

are Murderers

Violators of animal rights

Animal rights activists are confronted not only with the unrecognisable, plastic-covered body parts, but the suffering, the doomed and the dying. Only a psychological monstrosity can walk through the aisles of a battery farm, or breathe in the smell of blood in a slaughterhouse, or even just view pictures of it or find out about it, and continue to consume "animal products" that are so easily avoidable under veganism. And of those who hypocritically shout “animal rights!” from the rooftops, whilst themselves trampling upon the rights of animals? For them it is about everything, everything except the rights of animals.

It is therefore politically and ethically irresponsible when someone who eats cookies containing eggs or milk chocolate seriously calls themselves an animal rights activist and then, as an example, takes part in animal liberation activities (thereby liberating a chicken apparently to relieve his conscience so that he may torture and murder another for his cakes).

The usual objection, that it does not matter to the animals who releases them from their cages, is untenable. With this reasoning, for example, Nazis would be allowed in, too (which would of course not disturb the liberated animals much, either). Mind you, we cannot comment on what the postal employees that transport animal rights information, the drivers of trains in which we travel, the librarians from whom we borrow books, or the journalists who report on animal rights activities, would do otherwise. If "anti-American anti-globalisation activists or Breton nationalists" carry out an attack on McDonald's, in which there is a casualty (Tagesspiegel, April 20, 2000), or the extreme-right Flemish organisation Voorpost gives out anti-McDonalds leaflets and organic apples on World Food Day (Schwarz-grünes Gegengift, No. 5, 1999/2000), this does not mean that protests against burger chains will no longer be allowed for animal rights activists. And if a child falls through ice and is in danger of drowning, and one person alone cannot save him, then it is necessary to "cooperate" with every other passer-by, regardless of whether he has just thrown a firebomb into in a home for asylum seekers, chewed on a sausage or is planning to poison his aunt – but it is impossible to work with him in an animal rights – or equally, child rights – organisation. In an animal rights organisation, because humans are animals, and therefore animal rights imply human rights, there should be no racists, fascists, sexists, theists, militarists, etc. and also, as it happens, no speciesists.

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