Vegetarier sind Mörder

are Murderers

Who tortures an elephant for a cheese sandwich?

Obviously, there is a similar relationship to be found in the consumption of the "white blood". It is also not exactly a secret, already exposed in the German newspaper "taz", which would not generally be considered pro-animal rights, by any standards. The very title proclaims that "Vegetarians are also responsible for the slaughter of cattle". It further claimed that milk consumption was on the increase, so:
"for cows to produce enough milk, they must calve around once a year". [...] those that do not produce enough milk or are ill must go under the knife [...] as a cow must have calved multiple times in her life, there are always more calves than are required for the procreation of dairy cattle. The surplus calves are sent to the fattening units, and end up as steaks and joints. Of the approximately 14.5 million cattle in Germany, 4.5 million are dairy cattle. The other two thirds are mostly offspring that will end up in the fattening units. Pure meat breeds which are not milked and, for the most part, remain in the open all year round along with their herds, are rare in Germany.“ (taz, 23rd March 2001)
Those who want to know can find out all there is to know about it, and it is also not exactly hard to see that cows have it nothing like as rosy as in the pictures painted these days by most children, but rather, they are held captive in disgusting conditions.

For completeness, it should be mentioned that the same largely applies for the eggs of ducks, geese, ostriches, quails, and the milk of goats, sheep, horses, camels and so on. Furthermore, the use of the word "mistreatment" does not mean that anything like an acceptable treatment of animals, whereby they are imprisoned or killed for personal gain, could be possible.

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