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grazing dog, grazing neat, dog locked in, crustaceans, geese (2), bee,
chicken corpses, turkey chicks eating tomato, sheep, trouts, campari: govegan.de
lying cows, turkeys, grazing calf, dead calves, ducklings, pig's head, bleeding pigs, cow nursing calf (2), ostrich:
Maqi - For Animal Rights, Against Speciesism (Maqi - für Tierrechte, gegen Speziesismus)
naked hen from laying battery, deer, update, info: private
elephant: Lewis and Clark College, Portland, Sociology and Anthropology Dept.
silkworm: University of Nebraska, Department of Entomology
muskrat: dpa (German Press Agency)
oyster: www.pbs.org
plumber, chain (2): unknown
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govegan.de is a project of
Maqi - For Animal Rights, Against Speciesism
Maqi - für Tierrechte, gegen Speziesismus